If you are contacting us about a repair or other Housing issue for the first time you can do this by visiting our Repairs page or completing the Ask housing form.
If you are reporting damp to your property please visit our problems with damp page.
If your complaint is an appeal about a housing application please instead complete our Housing allocation appeal form.

If your complaint is to do with a pothole or other roads or pavements issue please complete our Road defect form. This will ensure we capture the correct information and will mean we resolve the issue faster.
If your complaint relates to social care please complete our Adults, children and young peoples complaint form.

We only deal with Housing Benefit and Council Tax support. For other benefit issues contact the Department for Work and Pension.

For appeals against parking tickets (PCNs) please complete our Parking appeals form. Completing the complaints form will not pause any enforcement action and may lead to extra fees.

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